🐠 CZI, a family story🐠

CZI venture is born with full heart and authenticity. ”I created my very first men swim trunks as a gift, dreaming of my paintings coming to life on this amazing body, breathtaking. From my dreams I created CZI. I didn’t know back then that actually Life was making me a gift”, says Sandra Czich, Artrepreneuse. What better than swimsuits to magnify the body and the Artwork, engaging a never ending conversation…
The Art of Skin.

Of course Elie and Gabriel, Sandra’s 18 years’ old twin sons are part of the adventure. “CZI is our family artistic venture. This is all very exciting, CZI story begins!” says Elie.

While Elie focuses on marketing and distribution, Gabriel is more into design and tech. Both are innovation driven and eager to reach the next level, with Art and sustainability deeply anchored in their DNA.
Don’t wear fashion, chose Art! You will feel divine, a one of a kind experience.